Form Holders – a new revolution

This has got to be in the same league as the invention of the coat hanger or even wifi. Ok that might be a bit of a reach but this is a revolutionary development.

Introducing the Moving Metal Promotions – Form Holder with advertising realestate …………truly remarkable.

Imagine – the used car details and then your sales pitch – it’s gold.

To tell you truthfully, this form holder was requested by one of our clients and pitched at a weekly briefing.  The pitch was lousy and the idea totally dismissed….but, thanks to Doug and his passion for plastic, it was re-pitched and then boom – design mode initiated.

Not unlike the testing of some premium cars, the MMP testing regime was going to include 180 days under glass, positioned high on the rocky outcrops of the blue mountains. Here souring daytime temperatures and freezing nights would put the form holder to the test.

Great intentions but unfortunately never realised. Instead, the boys obtained the first prototype, gave them a shake and a bit of a flex, hung one on a window and gave them the big “thumbs up”.

I mean really – it’s a form holder guys. Get serious…..

So orders are being taken.

Custom full colour print on a 100h x 300w (mm) panel inserted into the lower segment. Need help with the design, no worries. Speak to us.

MOQ’s do apply so don’t go calling us for 8 of them.

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