Power of keeping your Dealership Front of Mind

We all get a little focused on what we do day-to-day and sometimes it’s the obvious things that make the biggest difference.

Consider the value of receiving something for nothing. 

You go to a restaurant and the staff place an entree on the table and say, “This is from the Chef and its on-the-house.”

Such giveaways cost the restaurant very little but as a paying customer, you get a real kick out of it – it’s something for nothing. The dish is placed on the table, you’ll look to your dinner guest, give her/him a little nod saying “How’s that”, then you both dig in.

Now a scenario closer to home.

People have a lot of choice today so what we want is to have people not only transact, but to walk away with their expectations exceeded (yes it’s an overused term but useful)

The big bow on the car. The photo with the salesman. Great engagement with the customer and likely shared across their own social media platforms “Look at my new car”.

But, and this is our key argument, such engagement is limited. One week later, the memory of this experience starts to fade away. A lost opportunity.

Now here is the goal – give your customer something that continues to remind them of the experience. This is where the Moving Metal team excel.

A gift boxed umbrella in the boot, key chain, phone holder, battery charger or even camping chair. Your business name printed on the product so every time it’s used, customers are reminded of the sales experience (and the double win, your business is being advertised wherever they go).

And remember – not everyone is there to buy a new car so consider different promo items for different departments. Service, parts and sales.

At MMP – we have all your needs covered. Speak to us and see how easy it is.

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