No the prices quoted are indicative only. You’re in the car industry, we can always negotiate a little.

Depends on your schedule and the method of delivery. Always enquire. We are here to help and….we are guessing you will have a van or two at your disposal.

Yes. All our products have minimum order quantities. Speak to our team if you have a question or a specific need.

That’s hard to say and very much product dependant. Again, our team will advise you and you should advise us if you have a deadline that’s fast approaching.

Ask the team for pre-production samples. For a small fee, we can obtain a production sample of your product so you can touch, open and turn on as needed.


Our team are experienced and will seek your complete understanding and approval BEFORE any production is started. Be careful with the artwork sign off. Once that is done, we are usually locked in.

Our Melbourne design team love, and I mean love helping people understand the intricacies of graphic files. They speak plan English and can walk you through what you need to provide.


We can deliver Australia wide.

If you have relationships with Australian carriers that service you daily, ensure you advise our team. They can make the process even easier.

As part of your quotation, our commercial team will advise you of the weight, count and dimensions of your cargo.


EFT or Direct Bank Deposit. Large bags of cash are no longer accepted.

Yes. In your quotation, we will explain the payment terms, delivery method and outline all the costs to ensure things are very clear.

Any unanswered questions?